The Proposal and Our Wedding in Tulum!

I am super excited to finally start our blog! My husband, Jonathan, and I have been talking about this for years and we’re finally getting around to it! Anyways.. a little about each of us. I work in nursing and my husband works in the tech industry as a video producer. We both grew up in the California Bay Area, and met in high school 🙂 but did not get together until years later in 2015! I guess thats just how it works sometimes… and I’m so glad we got together when we did. I was barely starting nursing school and he was starting a new job at GoPro.

About 1 year into our relationship (YES, a YEAR.. crazy huh??) he proposed to me on a boat in front of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Why Disney?? Well, he used to work there for a couple years before we got together, and i’m so glad he got to experience working at Disney. He met so many amazing people, who actually attended our wedding!

So.. before the proposal, he learned about renting a boat to watch the fireworks in front of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Do I know exactly how he did this? No. It’s his little secret I guess. But I can definitely say it was quite magical! Here’s a picture of us in front of magic kingdom! You’re also probably wondering who took the photo?! Our boat driver was in on it and captured the perfect picture for us. Honestly, throughout the whole experience I was completely confused as to why he needed to rent a boat for a “shot” he wanted to get. That was obviously all a lie since he popped down on one knee!

Our Wedding:

My husband and I decided to have a destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico. And I am so glad that we did!

September 22nd, 2018. Tulum Mexico.

We had contemplated for months about whether or not we wanted a destination wedding but we both knew that travel is a passion of ours so we decided to show all our family what we love to do. So if you’re thinking about planning a destination wedding I would definitely say do it!


So how did we find our venue? Well.. we vacationed in Cancun and stayed at club med a couple years ago. During our stay we decided to go on an excursion in Tulum to visit some of the beautiful cenotes there, while on the excursion we were taken to Akiin Beach club for lunch and WE LOVED THE FOOD!! What also caught my eye was that they had a wedding set up there for another couple and I just fell in love with everything their venue had to offer. So of course, my husband being the amazing human being that he is helped me make this happen <3. Im not going to lie, the planning process was hard because of distance. Trying to plan a wedding through Skype calls and bad service can be difficult. But our planner, Lali and her team, did such an amazing job to say the least. 

Our venue: Akiin Tulum


Our photographer, Misti and Colin, did such an amazing job with our wedding photos. I honestly cried as I looked through them the first time. If you get married in Tulum or anywhere near there BOOK THEM PLEASE!! Here’s just a few..

Our photographers: Bohemia Photography

Thanks for visiting! More posts and travels to come soon…

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